Who is Cheeky Monkey

Cheeky Monkey E-liqid is owned and operated by the UK Vapour Bands (UKVB) Group.

How can I get involved with Cheeky Monkey

There are various ways to contact us, via social media, email, our new live chat service or just give us a call.

Cheeky Monkey on Facebook

Cheeky Monkey on Twitter

Cheeky Monkey on Instagram

Email –

Phone – 01254 269380

Can I buy Cheeky Monkey from a shop?

We have resellers across the country, call us on 01254 269380 to finds your nearest stockist.

How do I become a Cheeky Monkey stockist?

If you are interested in stocking UKVB vaping products, simply visit UK Vapour Brands Limited to find out about B2B wholesale opportunities.


How is my parcel delivered?

Cheeky Monkey has a variety of delivery options, see our Delivery page for more information.

How long will my parcel take to arrive?

This will depend on the delivery option you have chosen, see our Delivery page for more information.

My parcel hasn’t arrived when I thought it would, what can I do?

You can check the Cheeky Monkey delivery times on our Delivery page, if your parcel has not been recieved after 10 working days, please email For international orders they request 25 working days before we can make a claim.

I want to cancel my order, what can I do?

Simply call our Customer Service team on 01254 269380

How can I pay for my order?

PayPal, Visa, Maestro and MasterCard. (AMEX not accepted)

What name will appear on my bank statement?

UK Vapour Brands LTD

Are there any countries you don’t deliver to?

Cheeky Monkey deliver to all countries with the exception of those where e-cigarettes/e-liquid are restricted. If you are unsure about your country, email or alternatively check with your local Customs & Import laws. For a list of restricted countries, see our Delivery page.

How will my parcel arrive?

In a plain padded envelope, with a return address on the sticker.


What are the ingredients in your e-liquids?

There are 3 ingredients in our e-liquids; diluent, nicotine and flavour concentrate. All pharmaceutical grade UK produced and manufactured.

Why is there a skull and crossbones on my bottle of e-liquid?

Nicotine, in its rawest form, is classed a poison. In our e-liquid it is so diluted it poses no real risk.

What strength e-liquid should I use?

This is a difficult one to answer as each vaper is different. A general rule of thumb is if you are a new starter smoking 20 a day you should start around 1.8% (18mg/ml). If you start into sub-ohm vaping or variable voltage or wattage you might want to start lowering your nicotine strength. The best bet is to try a variety and see which suits you best.

What flavour e-liquid should I use?

Once again, this is personal preference. Some people will always stick to tobacco flavours so they have the complete sensation of smoking, others move away from tobacco flavours straight away. They go for some of the more exotic fruit or drink flavours.

Are your e-liquids tested?

Yes, all our e-liquids are fully tested and backed by our Guarantee of E-liquid Excellence.

How long will my e-liquid last?

This depends on how much you vape and what settings you are using. Generally, a 10ml bottle of e-liquid will last a standard vaper 3 to 5 days.